Increasing Your Chances Of A Lottery Win Satta Matka

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to win the lottery, swear at your boss before quitting and jetting off to Barbados to indulge in sea, sand and sunshine? Millions of people like you are thinking the same thing and many turn to the lottery for solace. Despite the fact the odds are massively against them, the short time spent in front of the television watching the numbers being drawn is a giddy thrill that lasts until you realize that once again you don’t have any winning numbers. Below are a few tips that will help increase your slim chances of scooping a lottery jackpot or at least a few smaller prizes.

Aim Small

You are better off focusing on smaller lotteries with better odds. Such lottery draws are often overlooked in lieu of the multi-million dollar draws but they shouldn’t be. Smaller lotteries may even give you a better bang for your buck in terms of the odds of winning/payout ratio because they have smaller grand prizes and compensate accordingly. Matka This is a good strategy because you will not go bankrupt chasing untouchable millions and you are more likely to win small amounts of cash to tide you over.

Avoid Birth Dates As Number Choices

Numerology is a popular system amongst the superstitious but it not a clever one where lottery numbers are concerned. For example, the dates of birth used will only go as far as 31. When you consider that lotteries normally contain anywhere from 42 to 49 numbers, choosing dates of birth ignores between 25% and 40% of numbers that could potentially be drawn. Although there are occasionally lottery draws where all six numbers drawn are lower than 31, this is so rare that such a system is foolish in the extreme.

Mix And Match Your Numbers

You should balance and jumble your numbers when picking them. Never choose five or more odd/even numbers. Statistics show that the winning numbers are more often than not a relatively even mix with three of each or four of one, two of the other. Likewise, do not choose more than two numbers from one grouping. For example, do not pick three numbers between 13 and 18. Winning lottery numbers are usually scattered from single digit numbers to ones in the 40s. Having six numbers within a twenty number span is unlikely to reap dividends. The following article will give more tips on how to increase your chances of winning the lottery.


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